Tennessee to get ultrasounds before abortions…

Tennessee to get ultrasounds before abortions

Bill: SB0632 (PDF)

Sponsored by Sen. Tracy and Rep. Womick, SB0632 states that “a qualified medical professional trained in sonography and working under the supervision of a physician licensed in this state shall (1) perform a live, real-time fetal transabdominal ultrasound imaging on the pregnant woman on whom the abortion is to be performed for the purpose of determining gestational age, (2) display the live, real-time fetal transabdominal ultrasound images in a quality consistent with current medical practice in a manner that the pregnant woman may view them, (3) offer a simultaneous verbal explanation of the results of the live, real-time ultrasound images, including a medical description of the dimensions of the embryo or fetus, the presence of cardiac activity, and the presence of arms, legs, external members and internal organs, and provide a copy of the ultrasound image to the woman; and (4) make audible the live, real-time heart auscultation, when present, for the pregnant woman to hear.”

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