Arizona amendment to give governors control of judicial selection…

Arizona constitutional amendment to give governors strong say in judicial selection process

Bill: SCR1001 (Proposition 115) (PDF)

Initially sponsored by Sen. Russell Pearce in 2011 but revised by Rep. Eddie Farnsworth and the Judiciary Committee as a “strike everything” amendment in 2012, SCR1001 (Arizona Judicial Selection Amendment, Proposition 115 [2012]) aims to reform the judicial selection process for the State Supreme Court and Court of Appeals by removing the state bar from the judicial recommendation process and giving the elected governor greater control over the nomination and selection of judges. Defeated in the Nov. 6, 2012 election, Proposition 115 would have empowered the governor to appoint most members of the judicial screening panel, and it also would have increased the total number of judicial candidates from three to eight, providing a pool of candidates with a broader spectrum of political and professional backgrounds. Proposition 115 also requires that all court decisions by standing judges be posted online, so voters will have meaningful information with which to determine if a judge is worthy of retaining.

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