Tennessee ensuring religious freedom for college groups…

Tennessee ensuring religious freedom for college students

Bill: SB3597/HB3576 (PDF)

Sponsored by Senator Beavers and Rep. Mark Pody, but vetoed by Gov. Haslam due to the bill’s application to private institutions, SB3597/HB3576 prohibits certain colleges and universities from denying recognition, privileges or benefits to a student organization or group on the basis of religious content of the organization’s or group’s speech, or based on the manner in which the organization or group determines its organizational affairs.

Despite the veto, Gov. Haslam signaled he would support this bill if it applied only to public universities, saying, “While I don’t agree with Vanderbilt’s policy, as someone who strongly believes in limited government, I think it is inappropriate for government to mandate the policies of a private institution.”

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