Utah creates Federalism Committee to respond to federal laws…

Utah creates Federalism Committee to respond to federal laws

Bill: HB76 (PDF); HB131 (PDF)

Sponsored by Rep. Ken Ivory, Sen. Niederhauser, et al., and signed into law by Gov. Herbert, HB76 authorizes Utah’s Constitutional Defense Council to evaluate and respond to federal laws. According to HB76, the Federalism Subcommittee of the Constitutional Defense Council meets to review the impact of federal mandates on Utah. As necessary, the committee requests special sessions of the Legislature to respond to harmful or unconstitutional federal mandates that encroach on state sovereignty. Responses may include challenging federal court rulings, approving claims for payments, and preparing a constitutional defense plan. The Federalism Subcommittee chair may also correspond with other states about federal law. HB76 was updated in 2013 by HB131, which established the Commission on Federalism.

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