Kansas gets concealed carry gun reform law

Bill: SB306

Sponsored by Sen. Pilcher Cook, SB306 updates Kansas’s 2006 Personal and Family Protection Act for concealed weapons carry. The bill eliminated the requirement for fingerprinting of applicants for renewal licenses and reduced the fee for a new license and renewal. A license will now remain valid for 90 days after a person is no longer an official resident of Kansas. The reform bill also makes it possible to have a concealed weapon on the state fairgrounds in Hutchinson and in any public or private parking lot or garage.

Highlights: Redefines “dependent” – allows non-resident military dependents to apply for RTC permits; Loosens reciprocity language by changing “equal” to “reasonably similar”; New state residents can carry on their old reciprocal permits until their new permit is issued by state of KS; Removes 6 month waiting period for new KS residents; Removing the state prohibition on individuals with “diversions” from applying for RTC permits; Removes all state disqualifiers that are inconsistent with state firearms possession laws K.S.A 21-4204 and federal disqualifiers under 18 USC 922; RTC permit from recognized state will satisfy training requirement; Lower fees on initial permit cost; No fingerprint requirement for renewal; Establish specific limitations for prohibited places – only buildings, no parking lots; Lower penalties for fines for prohibited places violations.